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Cruise ship Amsterdam visiting Homer harbor

1/3 of the Homer harbor boat docks

Me headed to the Pacific

Casting for King salmon in Kachemak Bay

Combat fishing

I presented my badge and said, "Anyone with dope in their pockets...

Keeping watch

Flower power

Have a few boats

Spruce cones

View from camper while parked in Homer

Passing by

What a view to wake up to

Our Homer campsite

The eagles are fishing, too

Love birds on a rock

We arrived in Homer to high winds and a very cold 48F breeze off the ocean. The next morning the sun was out and the winds were non existent. Nancy said, "I want to stay here a few days". We are "dry' camping which means no electric, water, or sewer hookups. The camper is self contained and has a Honda generator so we are good for a week or so.

I fished hard for King salmon over the last twenty four hours without success. The locals are saying that the salmon count is down due to the commercial fishing that is going on in the bay. Oh well, that is why it is called FISHING and not CATCHING. Tomorrow I leave at 0545 for a day of fishing halibut in the Kachemak Bay area which is out of Homer.

Last time I was here with my brother, Bruce, and we had a wonderful day together reeling in giant halibut. I miss you brother and am thinking of you everyday. Speaking of missing family, I have a daughter that is going through hard times and I think of her everyday. I have a son, too, that has disowned me, but I think of him, too, every day. If you all have family, and are close, don't take that relationship lightly. You are blessed and fortunate to have the closeness that only a truly loving family emits. Please don't take that relationship for granted. Be thankful, enjoy, and refresh in that kinship every day for nothing is guaranteed to last.

I have included a few pictures for your viewing. I hope you enjoy this adventure with us. Stay tuned, for around the next corner, SOMETHING is waiting to show, happen, or scare the dickens out of us. Thanks for being part of the fun.


Jerry and Nancy

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