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Bridge back to USA - Michigan

Monday, 6/12/17

We were packed and off by 5:30am going the Canada route to Michigan. Approximately 6 hours. I hoped to finish the audio book that I had started on the way to New York. We did not run into any bad traffic, but the border crossing was strange. I thought we’d just stop at the booth, get asked a couple questions, then be on our way. But we had to actually park and go into a building and wait while someone looked over my passport and this yellow paper that the booth person gave me. I didn’t even get a stamp on my passport! The ride through Canada was uneventful until I got to the border again. They wanted to know (in addition to what I had with me) whether I bought anything in Canada, how old my dog was, and where I bought his dog food. Strange. But they let me proceed and I was back in the good ole US of A. Familiar territory too – Michigan I-94. I decided to diss my GPS directions and head over to West Bloomfield a more scenic route. We eventually made it to my brothers and spent a wonderful afternoon with Gary, Lynn, and Ana. It was a lovely Michigan day with a nice breeze sitting out on the patio looking at the pretty sparkling lake at their beautiful home. We just hung out and caught up. Lynn made a yummy salmon bbq dinner. Gary and I took a long walk with Amber and Marty after. Suffice it to say that Marty and I were pretty tired by the end of the day.

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