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I confused the breakfast times at the hotel and missed it.  Since my flight to BWI wouldn't leave til 3:40 pm, I had time to walk down the street and had a lovely cheese omelet at a French restaurant.  I had the hotel clerk call a cab for me and avoided the underground schlepping that I enjoy so much - NOT!!!

At the airport security checks, my new knee has triggered body scans, wand scans, and sometimes a pat down.  I'm getting pretty used to all this attention!

British Airways has resolved their technical issues and the flight was uneventful.  Got to watch the movie "The Founder" about Ray Croc and the beginning of McDonald's.  After a dinner of chicken and pasta (emphasis on the pasta), I watched another movie called "Denial".  It's about a libel trial between a holocaust denier and an acclaimed writer and historian.  It's the kind of movie I like - makes you think.

My cousin wasn't able to meet me for dinner in Baltimore so I got a cab to the hotel, which is right near the Inner Harbor.  Walked down the street a block or so and had a light supper, then back to the hotel.

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