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Along with Vivienne decided to visit the V&A which is in walking distance from our hotel and strolled there along the Cromwell Rd in time to pick up an introductory guided tour. Although I've done this before it's always interesting as the guides get to pick out some of their favourite galleries or pieces and we started this time in The Toshiba gallery which houses Japanes art so I was happy to see the increased collection on display,now on the ground floor. The cast museum is currently being restored with one half completed and still an amazing sight to see the replicas which are now providing information for the detailed restoration of the originals. Such foresight of the Victorians although their purpose was to bring culture to those who could not afford to travel and an opportunity for art students to see these works.

The glass gallery was next in my list although I wandered as I made my way there, constantly distracted by other galleries. Glad to have a lunch - salads plus a large pot of tea - so was refreshed to wander more and found myself in the miniatures gallery with miniature portraits in enamel and a selection of snuff boxes with micro mosaics. Eventually leaving at nearly two noticed that there was to be a guided tour of the Theatre and Entertainment Gallery so found myself with one Japanese lady, whom I initially thought to be a child as she was not much taller than my waist, and the head of that collection on a 40 minute tour which went for well over an hour as he took us through various aspects of the theatre world.

Eventually left the V&A at four and walked wearily back to the hotel where I'm now putting my feet up with a cup of tea before meeting up with David and Vivienn, two of the tour group, to explore the dinner options in the area. Think we might look for a local pub.

No photos today, just memories for me.

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