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And then there was us - alone in the Tullamore Showgrounds.

Lunch stop at Warren

I don't see the zebra crossing, but I do see the cows...

Sunset at Wee Waa

12/6/2017. Tullamore to Wee Waa

We had no power last night, and were both in bed at 8pm - just shows what an influence TV has on our lives! As we lay there reading, we could hear shooting - I guessed either pigs or kangaroos - hopefully, but I did say to Ian that I already had my plan worked out, and knew where I'd lie if we were ever in a bad situation - between the fridge/cupboards and the seats. Further for the bullets to get through! He laughed!

Did I say we hadn't seen or heard many birds lately? This morning we were woken by the crows who felt they had to let everyone know that it was morning! And then the parrots and other small birds came. We saw a lot more birds on the road today also.

It was warmer this morning, and we didn't even put the heater on - first time in weeks. Ian decided it was warm enough for shorts, and his white legs did look funny. Driving along, it wasn't long before I realised the heater was on in car - Ian's legs and feet were cold....so much for shorts AND no socks. But during the day, it did warm up to 20 degrees, and this afternoon, 22 degrees. We're getting closer to home!!!!

Lunch stop was Warren, in a park, in the sun. Uneventful drive on secondary roads through Coonamble which was like a ghost town, on to Pilliga where there is a huge Free Camp at the Pilliga Bore Baths - there would have been 50-60 caravans there. Not for us. We continued on to Wee Waa and are staying at the Showgrounds with about another 4 vans.

Today's scenery was varied, with wheat, cotton, sheep, cattle, woodland, bee hives, stacked rolls of cotton and probably a thousand or more cattle in 4 or 5 groups on the side of the road, but thankfully, they do seem to have some road sense! There has been very little traffic on the road.

We have found that travelling in the country over a long weekend, the towns are nearly deserted, with not even a bakery or coffee shop open. This reminds us of when we were on our honeymoon way back in 1965 over and the Easter weekend, when we couldn't even get a meal or motel accomodation.

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