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Murray River at Euston

Murrumbidgee River at Balranald

Interesting mushroom? at Balranald lunch stop


Clouds above the Hay Plains

Sunset at Goolgowi

0/6/2017. Goolgowi NE of Hay

We had an amazing dinner at the Club last night - we both ordered roast lamb, Ian the normal size and me the small. I think between the two of us, we just about got a whole leg of lamb, tasty and well cooked - and served with mint jelly, which is rare. This Bistro meal way outdid the fancy lunch at Banrock Station, and cheaper.

I really could have just sat here today, but we left at 9.45am in 8 degree temperature, and my hands were like blocks of ice. We stopped at Euston and walked to a park on the Murray River, which was beautiful, with lawns down to the riverbank. Back on the road to Balranald, where we had lunch beside the Murrumbidgee River, this time in a setting of river gums - very different, but just as beautiful. Now we faced the long journey of approx. 140km across the Hay Plains to Hay, with not a lot between the two towns. I was able to do a couple of emails and still observe mostly low scrub interspersed with fields ready for planting, cotton ready for harvesting, sheep and cattle. Although there were no little towns to break the long, mostly straight road, which is in need of flattening out as it was quite up and down even though it looked flat, we both enjoyed the journey, reminiscing when we've done this with our children and on our own, over the years. We tried to remember how these trips were for Sandie and Tony, and what sort of travellers they were, but we couldn't remember any issues, which means they were very good. And why wouldn't they be - they're our children!!! I remember playing 'I Spy' and 'First to see'.

We arrived at Hay and went to the Showgrounds for our overnight stay. Wrong! Tonight is the B&S Ball there, and there's also a Lawn Bowling Tournament this Queens Birthday long weekend, and everything is booked out. The chap from the Showgrounds said we could go to Sandy Point, a free camp on the edge of town and that he'd already sent a lot of people there. We've stayed at Sandy Point years ago and it's good, but that decided us to give that a miss and move on to the next town, 107km away. This was a great decision, as we're now set up in a lovely little council caravan park at Goolgowi, arriving at 4.35pm. Another park to add to our list of 'musts'.

We were amazed at how little traffic there was on the roads today, and also how deserted the towns were. People must take long weekends seriously here.

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