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River Kwai Bridge

Riding an Elephant (mahout style), with Christine & Martin (Germany)

Erewan Falls

Erewan Falls

Train Trip over parts of Death Railway

...these pancakes were really good...

Dinner with friends from Brazil, Australia, Germany and Switzerland

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Kanchanaburi is about three hours north west of Bangkok, towards the Burma boarder. Today it is most well known for the River Kwai Bridge, which became famous by the film 'Bridge of the River Kwai'. The Bridge is a part of the railway line that has become known as Death Railway due to the large numbers of UK, American, Dutch, Australian, Burmese and other prisoners of war who died from mistreatment during the construction of the railway in World War 2. The railway was a Japanese project, aimed at easing the transport of goods into Burma during WW2.

While I was here I went on a day trip to the Erewan Falls. The trip also included more encounters with elephants, and this time I got to ride an elephant mahout style. I met some great people from Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Australia and we spent some great evenings together. An appropriately social time to end my days in Thailand and South East Asia.


1. Apple Guest House - very friendly, good tours and a fantastic restaurant

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