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A huge cruise ship in the area

Our yummo gyros

After not sleeping that well due to indigestion, (my own fault, eating way too much at a late hour!), we had already decided this was to be a chill out, sleep in and do nothing kind of day. We were planning though to see the famous sunset later. Unfortunately the weather was deciding otherwise for us. After a week of beautiful fine clear days, the day deteriorated to clouds and even light rain. There goes the day at the local beach.

We "hung out" instead by the hotel pool which wasn't a bad thing at all. It was a good day to recharge the batteries after being fairly full on for the last 3 weeks.

We did get the shuttle up to Fia at 6.30pm and had some more delicious gyros for dinner but as there was a lot of cloud around we realised there would be no sunset so instead of waiting, we grabbed the 8.30pm bus back to the hotel for an early night. A bit disappointed not to see a sunset here but everything else has been magical.

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