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Hard to beat having breakfast overlooking the ocean before taking a courtesy bus to check out the beach near the National Park. We choose to be dropped off back in San Antonio as there are only beach cafes & shops at ‘the village’ as it is known. San Antonio is not so much a town as a ribbon development along the coastal road.

However, we do find what we are looking for in a local company that does Zip Wire experiences - a Zip Wire Roller Coaster to be precise! Lots of tours do a half day and throw in other experiences at silly prices, and many of them we have done already. Stuart opts for the slower version so that he can take a video. I want the adrenalin rush ... and get it! Up and down, swinging around through the foliage actually takes my breath away at times. Soooo brilliant I do it a second time!

A cold drink, a swim in our pool to cool down before a scrummy lunch and a cheeky glass of Sauvignon Blanc to celebrate. Bucket list just got shorter.

There is a local beach nearby, about 0.5Km walk from the hotel, which seems longer in the heat and humidity. It is Saturday so local families have come for the day with their cool boxes. An enterprising chap charges to look after the cars parked on what is just a track. After a recce head back and fortunately we beat the afternoon rain getting back to our hotel before getting soaked! Some Yellow Throated Thrushes entertain us by dipping in and out of the pool in front of our balcony.

Early transport to ’town’ to try out a local establishment for dinner. 'Z' Gastro-Bar specialises in seafood as it overlooks the marina in Quepos just a few Km down the coast! There are a large number of fishing boats moored there so the fish could not be fresher! Delicious meal and again lots of friendly locals to chat to. First question is always ‘Is this your first time in Costa Rica?’ They are so pleased we have come and that we love their country.

It is still odd to see all the Christmas trees, lights and decorations that are appearing here when it is hot and humid! Our hotel is gradually being transformed with table decorations galore on desks, artificial greenery down staircases decorated with huge, red, sparkly bows. Very low key??!!

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