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A beautiful double rainbow, due to the sun shining through the cloud forest mist, sends us on our way from Monteverde as we set off to Manuel Antonio and the Pacific Ocean. Our stay here has been absolutely wonderful.

We are a full contingent but know that we are due to separate at lunchtime. 6 of us to Manuel Antonio and the others going back to San Jose before departing for the UK tomorrow. As we leave the area it is impossible not to notice the many mudslides which actually closed the road to Monteverde. Incredibly the road was cleared and reopened after 3 days but there is still a lot of repair work to do.

En-route we pass through Juntas, which was the town at the centre of the local gold rush and then Abangares, famous for Rodeos! We even see a man in a stetson! We are actually travelling now on the Pan American Highway which begins in Alaska and goes all the way to Chile. The only countries not connected directly by it are Columbia and Panama.

Throughout the trip we have noticed that most houses have grills on their doors and windows as well as high metal fences with security gates. Although the crime rate in CR is pretty low the main crimes are house robberies, and many people do not take out house insurance!

We arrive at the halfway point in our journey and the 6 of us going to Manuel Antonio change to a new minibus and driver. Sadly time to say farewell to our group, exchange contact details and thank Victor, our brilliant guide, and Marco our superb driver. Already the temperature has risen as we are now at sea level and the humidity has increased. Just time for a delicious, local orange and pineapple ice cream before we leave.

Our driver knows a spot to stop where some scarlet Macaws are holding forth high in a tree. Big birds, stunning plumage and loud voices! And a motor cycle policeman sitting having his lunch on his bike looking on!

The Parador Hotel is luxurious and we get an unexpected upgrade to a suite, with a jacuzzi no less! There is a monkey trail in the grounds where we spot Howler Monkeys, mum and baby, and hear the male ensuring we know he is nearby. An iguana saunters by and a sloth is sleeping above the crazy golf! After Happy Hour in the bar a family of 3 Racoons career past and run off down the steps. Who needs to got to the forest for wildlife!!

‘Thelma & Louise’, the intrepid Swiss ladies Ruth & Alexandra, were checking in as we arrived so we meet up with them, & Val & Mick, at Happy Hour for a drink and a snack dinner. Time for bed after a long drive and to recharge the batteries for our time here.

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