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Our Homestay terrace

Our favourite meal

A temple we visited

The yoga and meditation house

Pilates studio

Rice fields

The ridge walk

The high street

We thought Ubud was higher up so would be cooler, we were wrong.

As we arrived at our Homestay we were melting and realised we did not have air-conditioning. We did how ever have a sitting area out side our room in what is a very traditional setting.

For lunch we found a restaurant that donates 70% of its money to local hospitals. We had tuna and orange chicken. This was the best food we have had all trip!

The following morning we walked 30 minutes to a Pilates class. The walk lead us away from the hustle and bustle of the main road and up to a quiet path surrounded by rice terraces. The class was great as there was only eight people and we got to try moves that we had not done before.

That evening we headed to a mindfulness meditation class again set in the rice fields. The class was very eye opening and talked us through different ways of meditation. As it went dark we were surrounded by candles, natural sounds of the countryside and amazing firefly's which we have never seen before.

The next day we took another two classes. Firstly we attended a gentle yoga class. Whilst this was good and fairly simple, we have both decided that Pilates is still our preferred class style. We also attended a sound medicine class that same evening. This was quite surreal. Our teacher, who I can only describe as what I would imagine Jesus to have looked like (think white robe, long curly hair etc) took the class. Although intended to be meditative and spiritual, either we are not really spiritual people or we simply missed the point. At one point we were listening to the teacher play a native American song and were asked to join in with the singing. Then we all had to lie down and listen to a host of different instruments which supposedly helps heal. One particular instrument sounded like a light sabre from Star Wars and we felt like we were in a different galaxy far far away...! Given the teacher was moving around the room it also sounded like a light sabre fight and conjured up images of Obi Wan Kanobi... Not what you should be thinking about when trying to meditate in a really serious class. The other images we conjured up was that of the second Inbetweeners film where Will attends some sort of Australian spiritual healing class... I would put the YouTube link but it is quite rude so have decided not to. You can easily find yourself although be warned it is quite rude!! There were lots of people who were really getting into the class though so suspect it does work for some... For us it was a little too far removed from reality!

Coming back to reality we decided to take a morning Qi Gong class today. This was much more us, slow movements, considered breathing and no light sabres in the background! It was an excellent class to finish our time in Ubud and one which we both said we would like to research more about when we get back to the UK.

To finish our time in Ubud we went on a ridge walk. This takes you through rice fields and far away from the hustle and bustle of the centre.

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