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At the beginning of the walk, looking at the town of Imerviglio...

Another cute little chapel .

Did I mention the views?

Toni in front of the chapel

The crater rim or "Caldera" is very obvious from here

The stunning white house's stand out against the deep blue sky

A distinctive rock formation on the way to Oia

Toni in front of the rock

Looking back to Fia

And on to Oia

View out from Oia

A roof covered with white stones with chapel behind

Some of the beautiful houses in Oia

More views in Oia

Bougeanvillea hangs above the steps as we walk down to Ammoudi bay

Fabulous tour yachts waiting for clients

Toni enjoying the view from the restaurant

The pathway to our swim

Our cooling off place with " I dare you" rock behind

Cruise ship heading out

Another view of Oia

Just another beautiful church

Relaxing by the hotel pool before heading out for dinner.

At Yalos

Delicious dip

Wonderful food to complete a fantastic even though a little exhausting day

This morning we got a reasonably early start as we had decided to walk from Fia to Oia which is along the island Caldera or crater rim. Tjis is about 10km long and has wonderful views the whole way. Hey Tones and I can do this in a breeze, considering the walking we did in Italy.

We got underway about 9.15..it would have been nice to be earlier but the first shuttle to Fia only leaves our hotel at 8.30am and today they were late hence the later start.

It was already quite warm but there was a welcome breeze as we walked. The views were everything they boasted of and more. Words fail me and even though I am not much of a photographer, you can still get the idea from my pics.

I think the walk with many stops, took us about 2.5 hrs, (yes Toni did push me along! lol)

We arrived in Oia around midday and it was very hot in the centre of town. We headed down 250 very steep stairs to Ammoudi bay where there wad supposed to be some great seafood restaurants. They were all lovely but quite expensive. I settled on a fish soup hoping it would be nice and thick full of fish. Sadly it wasn't so I was very disappointed and thought I should have ordered the same as Toni and had cccmussels.

Still a little hungry but as we were pretty hot and sticky, we walked 5 minutes further around the rocky cliffs to a popular swimming place. There were about 50 people there and some were jumping off a rock ledge into the sea.

The colour and charity of the water was amazing.

We both swam in the very salty water to cool off. Before we left, I couldn't resist joining the adventurous ones at having at least 1 jump off the ledge. After scrambling up the sharp rocks I didn't hesitate at leaping off into the very deep water. I was so fast that Toni missed me doing it, so alas I have no photographic evidence.!!

We made the very tough climb back up the 250 odd steps to the top and back to Oia town centre, dodging the donkey droppings all the way.

We caught the bus back to Fia and then had a quiet beer while we waited for the shuttle to take us back to our hotel.

Toni chilled out while I checked out the pool and cooled off for half an hour.

By this time it was quite late (9pm) but I was starving so we went to the very lovely local restaurant on the beach where we had been 2 nights ago. I ate way too much to sleep on and would regret it later but all in all I thoroughly enjoyed the food. A delightful way to end a strenuous but awesome day..A mere 265000 steps apparently lol

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