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On the bus heading to Fia, a Mexican restaurant

Views from the bus

Views from the capital of Santorini, Fia

More views

And even more

The beautiful church in Fia

Inside the church

The dome painting and chandelier

Looking out from our restaurant.

Delicious tzatziki and pita btead

More views

The boat marina near our hotel Porto Castelo

2 of the local residents

Drinks on the beach

This morning we packed up and were ready to catch the public bus to our last place we are staying which is not far from Fia.

Both of us did not get a great sleep as there was a big electrical storm and it was very humid. Then this morning being a Sunday the church bells were ringing very early.

The drive on the bus was lovely, a very nice bus and the views were spectacular

We arrived at Fia and Toni had arranged a pick-up from the bus-stop to take us the 2 kms to our hotel, Porto Castelo.

I swear the driver of the mini van thinks he's in the Indi 500 as he throws us from one corner into the next but we arrived safely about 10 mins later at our very nice motel.

The only draw back was that our room still was not ready and we were to wait in the reception come breakfast room area. It would have been fine had the air not been thick with cigarette smoke. It makes me once again so grateful 9

that in NZ and Australia this just does not happen. Trying not to choke on the haze and stale smell, we waited about 20 minutes for our room which turned out to be on the second floor with no elevator.

Once inside our room it was quickly apparent that bringing our left over groceries was a waste of time as there was a fridge but nothing else. no cups or glasses even. Bit of a pain really.. oh well.

After settling into our room, we thought we'd catch the shuttle bus (same mad driver) back to Fia for a look around and a late lunch.

The views were stunning from this hilltop town. We wandered around for over an hour looking at shops, the local church and then started checking out prices at places to eat. Wow you certainly paid for the

view. They were twice what we were paying back in Perissa.

We finally found a place that was back a couple of streets but still had a great view even though the surrounds looked a bit dingy. The food was great, the wine even better and our waiter was great and could not do enough for us.

We spent a lovely 2 hours here and contemplated staying for the sunset but that was still 3 hours away so we met our crazy driver back where he dropped us off and we headed back.

We spent the rest of the late afternoon chilling out in our room and then at about 8pm we went for a walk along the beach. We found a lovely restaurant on the beach so we sat on a very comfy bean bag lounger and had a beer while the sun set. A lovely way to end the day.

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