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Main Street - Banff

Raft ride down the Bow River

Hard working oarsman

Arrived safely (and dry)

About to board the Rocky Mountaineer

Station staff farewell the train

On board the train

View from the train

View from the train

View from the train

View from train

View from train

View from train

View from train

Train staff come out to welcome us as we arrive in Vancouver

Have now left the Rockies and back in Vancouver after a wonderful two days on The Rocky Mountaineer.

Before leaving Banff we did a float ride on the very swollen Bow River. Because the weather has been so fine(warmer then usual) the snow in the Mountains is melting early and rivers are flooding.

The ride was great, if not a bit scary. Our boat man did all the paddling, and at times we thought he was going to have a heart attack. He would grit his teeth and paddle like mad. We just held on. The next day they concelled all rides.

Day 10 and 11 of our trip was the Rocky Mountaineer Train ride. We were ready early at Banff for the train, but it was running late.That didn't spoil our trip, the seating, service, food and views were fantastic. From Banff we passed Bow, Kicking horse and Colombia rivers. Many goods trains passed us going to the east coast, as long as 2 Klm each, many double stacked.

The route passed the biggest lake, Shuswap, the Connaught Tunnell, 8 Kms long. We stayed overnight at Kamloops, then continued our journey to Vancouver the next day. We did see some wildlife on the journey, Eagles, bighorn sheep, osprey and 1 black bear. The team on the train feed us, wine us and entertain us the entire journey, and although we were late getting into Vancouver no one was concerned.

After a day touring Vancouver, we have a special dinner tonight and leave early tomorrow morning to board our cruise ship for 7 nights on the Inside Passage.

We will be without wi-fi while on the ship so this is our last post to our trip journal for at least a week.

Next update from Alaska.

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