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kirkstone Pass

From Scout Scar

Wheatsheaf Hotel

We had a long sleep to make up for the travel and time change. We awoke to blue skies and our washing was nearly dry! We breakfasted on the muesli provided plus yoghurt and fruit, finishing off with home made croissants and jam with tea and coffee. A good start to the day.

The Kendal Castle walk is nearby so we decided to start with that - it was a steep short climb with steps, then a more gentle gravel path, then a mown path through the meadow on the hill to the ruins. Very neatly manicured with steps and walkways to access the structure. Katherine Parr ( Henry's number 6) lived there. They even had toilets ( long drop into the moat!). As we climbed up, some rain started! - we bemoaned our washing! It soon cleared and the sun came out again. It doesn't seem to bother the locals - they just have jackets and umbrellas and carry on regardless. Thee were some nice views of Kendal and hills beyond. We could hear church bells going berserk - either a wedding, or practice day!

By now it was getting towards 1 so we decided to Brigsteer as the pub had been recommended for drinks and food. It was a fairly short drive and we found the Wheatsheaf - a few people but plenty of tables. The menu looked good so we thought we would all have a decent meal, then a snack would do for tea. C had a beef casserole with veg plus a glass of red; J had local pork sausages with veg plus a local Ale. Very nice. And we made it just in time as many more groups arrived.

After lunch we made our way to Scout Scar not far away - a gate leads to a path up on to the edge of an escarpment (the scar) and there are great views across the valley to the hills beyond. It is private land but visitors are welcome. Some people go thee to sit on "park benches" and look at the view.

We then went looking for a lake as C said it was the Lakes district and she hadn't seen a lake yet!

We drove via some backroads via Underbarrow and Winster to Windermere - her we could see the lake, but it was so developed that access was pretty much only available via hotels, restaurants, boat clubs etc. we drove to Troutbeck but no trout were sighted. So we drove up the Kirkstone Pass. It was narrow and climbed up about to about 400m - here there was a small stone pub so we went in for a coffee. It was old and the stone walls about 400-500 mm thick. Lots of people having an ale, or "Fosters and lime". It was quite cool outside but cosy inside. The drive down to Ambleside was very good - excellent views down to the lake, and back up to the top of the pass. Lots of sheep on either side of the stone walls, and even some cattle with long horns. Ambleside was quite commercialised too, with crowds everywhere and nowhere to stop unless you wanted to pay for a car park for 2 pr 3 hrs when you only need 30 mins.

We kept going back to Windermere, then back to Kendal where we grabbed a few provisions and then back to the cottage.

The heaters are now on so it is cosy. The menu tonight is soup and toast. It is light quite late so we might even go for a walk. It is also light early as C found out when she woke briefly about 5.

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