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Some years ago Ben Elton had a comedy sketch where he suggested that the design of English products was so bad that it couldn't possibly have occurred by accident.

It had to by direct intervention by a secret government ministry, The Ministry of Crap Design (MCD).

In the last few months the UK has developed and issued a new £ 1 (one pound) coin.

It has a number of unique design characteristics. Some are listed below:

12-sided – its distinctive shape makes it instantly recognisable, even by touch.

Latent image – it has an image like a hologram that changes from a ‘£’ symbol to the number '1' when the coin is seen from different angles.

Hidden high security feature – a high security feature is built into the coin to protect it from counterfeiting in the future.

With out doubt a world first that showed that true artisans still exist within the empire.

The were then forced to hand over their master piece to the Ministry of Crap Design.

This engineering masterpiece caused many a sleepless nights at the MCD. How could the men in cardigans add their final touch and counteract such a clever piece of work?

Finally they had their "Eureka" moment.

Lets have it made just a bit thicker that the current coin

What a touch of absolute MCD genius................

The coins now don't fit in:

Parking meters, laundrette washers or dryers, railway luggage lockers, kids money boxes and so it goes on and on and on.

£1000 one poor lady paid to get the coin mechanisms fixed her 6 clothes dryers, and she still has the washing machines to go.

And the banks are in on the act as well.

Every time they receive an old coin they send it off to the mint to be melted down. And when asked to exchange 2 new coins for two old coins they asked if I had a bank account.... WHY??

Well under the Anti Money Laundering Act the banks are required to record every financial transaction. "We need to pay the new coins into your account... and then pay out the old coins to you".

Ask the locals what they think.. "Yea its crap, but that the way it is" Bet they said that when the bombs were falling.

So can you tell that was Tony talking? ?

This all started when we jammed a new one pound coin in a launderette washing machine!! No signs on the machines informing you that they don't accept the new coin and we were oblivious to the fact the first time we used them.

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