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Outside the Rock

Times Square

Water feature near the Rock

St Patrick's

Today we decided we would go to the Top of the Rock (Rockerfeller Centre) which has spectacular views.

We caught a train to Times Square - more rubber necking then a walk to the Stephen Sondheim theatre to pick up our tickets for the afternoon session of Beautiful ( the Carole King Musical) at 2 pm. After that we just wandered until we reached the Rockerfeller. It's a tall building, but has much more to it than height. Again we wandered about taking pictures. We made our way into the centre and joined the short queue for tickets. However they told us there was no view because it was too cloudy and misty, so we said we would come back after the show. We stopped in a nearby bakery for a cold latte and pastry.

A little further up the road we went to St Patrick's Cathedral for a look. We just got there as a funeral was finishing, so we waited quietly before having a look. It is an impressive building - not sure of the stone, but almost white and very clean. Over the road was Saks on 5th Avenue. A very posh department store. We needed a loo so we bowled in and after C us Ted a perfume tester we made our way up to the 4th floor in the elevator. J and C went their own ways , but C didn't reappear for a while. She confessed to have had a bit of a "window shop" while she was there ( near the Armani section). She was having a flick through some things on a rack, and a snooty looking shop assistant looked her up and down, valuing her clothing as she did so. This was quite obvious, so C took a $1200 coat off the hanger and held it against her to see if it suited, then disdainfully put it back and walked on.

We made our way back to Times Square and had a shared panini and a drink to ward off hunger pangs. Then we made our way to the theatre and were soon able to take our seats.

It was a nice theatre - street level was the mezzanine floor ( equivalent to a steep dress circle). We had a great view of the stage. It was interesting watching all the people arriving - many J and C's vintage or older, plus younger people (mainly girls) in school groups. Without giving anything away, it was a very enjoyable show, with lots of well known music and lots of NY style of humour. We found it quite amusing to hear the reaction of the school girls - shocked exclamations at a kissing scene, and horrified gasps when CK's husband announced he wanted to have an affair! There were quite a few sniggers among the "mature" sections of the audience. We had a great time.

I need to mention toilets again! Firstly there were staff in the corridors organising queues. When J went to the Men's, there were staff in there directing customers to urinals or cubicles, turning taps on and handing out paper towels! He assumed the same thing happened in the ladies ( no, not the urinal bit). All very efficient and business like!

After the show we went back to the Rock, but by now the sky had cleared, and the first available tickets were for 8:30 - J and C didn't want to wait, so the decision was to go back to the hotel and have a siesta before tea. We found the No 1 train station on 50th st and went to the platform. J took a punt on a No 3 train as it didn't seem to be an express train! It was full when it arrived and we had to push to get on ( it was after 5 and it was rush hour!) more people got on at Times Square so it was very squashy - Sardines in a tin can as they say.

A bit later we went over the road to the Mykonos Blue restaurant for a farewell meal. I think we were expected to order more - but we dined well on Moussaka, Lamb, greens and potatoes with bread and dip. J had Mythos and C had bubbles. A complementary desert plate was provided.

Tomorrow we check out, but we don't fly until 8:45, so we have a whole day left!

Did I mention the strange sights in Times Square on the way home? Firstly, a guitar playing bloke wearing a pair of underpants and a ten gallon hat and singing a C&W song, and then a number of girls wearing painted US flag bikinis! We the top halves were definitely painted! J was instructed to keep walking and keep his camera in the bag!

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