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911 memorial

Flowers near our hotel

The Oculus

Another grey day - we had a slow start as C was a bit tired and needed forty winks after breakfast.

J had a snoop around the streets and when he returned decided that long trousers and a fleece would be a good idea, along with rain jackets just in case.

The first bit was easy - a no 1 train downtown to Chambers St. A few blocks later we were at the 911 Memorial Park. This was an impressive monument - not rising up as many monuments are, but this time going down cascading waterfalls disappearing into the earth. There are two Square structures reflecting the footprint of the twin towers. Around the edges are engraved the names of those killed. Security is very evident at this site. Most people behaved in a manner befitting the solemn atmosphere of the place. But a few didn't. We chose not to go to the museum itself - we figured that we knew enough about what happened.

No. 1 WTC is adjacent and it disappeared into the clouds today.

We then crossed the road to the Brookfield Centre - a modern building housing many upmarket and designer shops. It is another unusual building with a large steel arch/ dome structure with glass panels. The floors are marble tiles of many hues. Upstairs is a food court, but not as we know it. Very nice options with no chains evident. There were very long queues at most places as this was lunchtime, and there must be many thousands of people working in the area.

We chose to go downstairs to a French style area with Charcuterie, Fromagerie, Pattiserie, Coffee, etc etc. we selected Crepes (Potato, Raclette, and prosciutto/turkey), Beignets, and Coffee. We sat at an outside table overlooking the Marina and the Hudson River and across to New Jersey. luckily the rain held off and never really got to more than a light drizzle.

We then descended the escalators to a much lower level where there was a huge walkway through to the revitalised World Trade Centre, and to a transport hub with rail, bus, ferry stations. The walls were like huge TV monitors hundreds of metres long. Up a few stairs and we were in the Oculus - a huge white mall with curved white roof structure - it is like being inside the body a large animal with a white exposed rib structure. It was very impressive.

Just outside we were planning our next move, when C spied a department store - Century21. So the rest of the day was planned. It was quite extensive, but things seemed to be somewhat muddled in terms of their locations. c managed to find a couple of tops and J found a tee shirt after a lot of looking. Then we decided we had had enough trudging so we entered the train station and looked for a train back to the hotel. Well, it was a nightmare - we went up stairs, down elevators, up escalators, down stairs, along platforms, up elevators etc and eventually after 45 min found a station with No. 2 and 3 trains. We ( foolishly) picked a 3 - it wasn't long before J looked at C and vice versa, and we realised it wasn't our train. C asked the woman next to her - she was helpful and told us which stop to get off, and which other train to catch. So we stopped at Chambers St, and caught a No. 1 which took us all the way to our street. A few minutes relaxation before we go for tea.

Only 2 days left and the weather forecast keeps changing and fine days disappear into the future! Tomorrow will be a bit cloudy and showery, Thursday should be sunny and warm. Maybe a trip to the Rockerfeller Centre in the morning, before we see a Broadway show in the afternoon.

We went to the Triple Crown Bar and Grill - bangers and mash, cottage pie and Guinness! Home style and quite nice. Our street was blocked off when we returned - some sort of electrical emergency but our hotel wasn't affected.

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