Portugal, Spain and Morocco 2017 travel blog

Tuesday 23rd May 2017, Frankfurt airport

Left hot Morocco for cooler Portugal. Such a different atmosphere here. Picked up from the airport in a brand new Mercedes and delivered to a 3 star hotel we had stayed in five weeks previously. Off to the local garden and enjoyed it so much I relaxed .......then lost my camera. About two thirds of my pictures are gone. As you expect we looked and looked. Asked everyone, often greeted with the 'not a chance brother' expression. A pity but all is not lost as Chris has taken many of the same photos as I did so we have memories. It was a really nice park. Lots of locals out relaxing and enjoying the gardens. Dinner was at our favorite Lisbon restaurant. Enjoyed the atmosphere of a small family run place. We filled in Monday at a small and very interesting museum. Lots of history, no tourists and great views. Later we tracked up to the castle on the hill. Not lost on our way there, but it was at the top of the hill so we just kept going - up. Discovered lots of interesting streets ..... Of course, but it took longer then the 25 mins suggested by the tourist bureau. Never mind. Passed a two dollar shop every 3 cm and assorted establishments that closed their doors as we came by? Great castle, great views and watched the peacocks strutting as we had coffee. Having learnt about bird droppings we watched with some humor as a tourist copped one. Off to the park to search for the camera again and annoyed the security people. No luck. Dinner at the usual and we pack our bags and our minds and prepare for the trip home. In plenty of time at the airport which was just as well as the queues were huge. Lisbon to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Hong Kong (via China as we ran out of fuel while circling HK airport which suffered a particular bad drenching) then flights delayed and delayed. Ah the inside of an airport. Watched an ice hockey game as you do in HK for a while but walked mainly in an attempt to remain awake in an attempt to reset our body clocks in Sydney. Greeted by a glorious day in Sydney and had that numb feeling wandering around our house knowing we will have to clean up any mess we make. Josh had a bunch of flowers and lots of food for us. So we could just sit around and absorb being in the Southern Hemisphere and try to get back into our culture. Ah to travel and Ah to be home. So blessed to be able to do what we do. Thanks for reading. Next adventure is to Melbourne. Grand child number one is due in a few days time on 4th June!!!!

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