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We have found our new home.

It is an almost new widebeam canal boat and it is beautifully fitted out with all the bits and pieces Tony was looking for.

We need to kit it out with crockery etc and bedding, but there is no work to do on it.

We just have the paperwork to sort out before we return to Australia.

It is called "Our Glenn" at the moment but will become "TranQuill" once we take over.

It is sitting in a Marina at Newark and the berth is paid up till September, so we have somewhere to base ourselves once we return to kit it out and get organised.

We went for a test drive in it and had a couple of hours going over it with the present owner and Tony was so impressed with the way it's been built and the extras that are included that he couldn't pass it up. There is no comparison to the other boats we have looked at.

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