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A Church in Sydney

Our Hotel on right from across the inlet

Same as previous through wet car window

View from North Sydney

A Gun in Munro Park North Sydney

Plane in Munro Park North Sydney

A Church in North Sydney

Newfoundland Ferry in North Sydney

Truck over the curb


We got ready this morning and set off after breakfast. We were scarcely on our way when the rain started and it only seemed to increase in volume as the day progressed. We drove round to the other side of the inlet as Christine had wanted to do the other day and got a view of the hotel. We continued on that road round a peninsula and on to the next one where North Sydney is situated. There we saw the ferry from Newfoundland arrive. There were two other ferries docked there, all three of them serve Newfoundland so far as we know.

We continued on that road, remarking on how attractive the homes were and admiring the views they commanded. They must be quit spectacular in good weather.

After a few false starts we headed back to Sydney and stopped at a mall on the outskirts of town where we had a light meal and a browse around the stores. Some were the same as we see in the Edmonton area, but others were strange to us and are probably Nova Scotia owned.

We decided that we should call it a day and made a dash for the car and returned to the hotel where I dropped the ladies at the door and parked the car before running to the back door of the hotel. The rain was really heavy at that point. Christine and Nan made reservations for dinner at the restaurant.

We settled in to read and do puzzles till it was time to go for dinner.

Christine and Nan did most of their packing then we went to the dining room in the hotel. The place looked different from breakfast time with the tables decorated, place mats and wine glasses with napkins. We enjoyed a very nice meal the returned to our room and realized that the excitement amongst the wait staff was caused by a pickup in the parking lot was perched over the curb with its front wheels on the grass. How it got there, we do not know. A large flatbed was parked behind it and a tow truck came and parked in front of the entry barrier to the lot. The parking lot was full and it was entertaining to watch cars come in via the exit, roam around unsuccessfully looking for a parking spot and frequently head towards the entrance, which they must have seen was blocked when they drove in, then having to manoeuvre round the flatbed, do a multi-point turn and head for the exit. Nan felt some sympathy for them as we had a bird's eye view and could anticipate the problems.

Eventually the flatbed dropped its deck and wedged it under the pickup's rear wheels until the point of balance was in its favour and raised the deck to lift the front wheels over the curb, drive forward, lower the deck and allow the pickup to be driven off onto the pavement. To our surprise the pickup was able to drive away. We had expected there to be some damage underneath that would have prevented it from being driven.

That was not the end of the story. The parking lot was not only full, but extra cars had parked along the far perimeter, reducing the width of the driving lane. The length of the flatbed made the resulting tight turn impossible. After a few attempts, it reversed back to the entrance and, with the help of someone from the hotel, the arm controlling access was removed and the pickup drove out, followed by the flatbed which reversed all the way to the road, out of our sit. We do not know how he negotiated the vehicle onto what is generally a busy road.

So much for a Friday night's entertainment in Sydney!

We finished our packing and got to bed.

Tomorrow we set off on the first leg of the Cabot Trail. We hope the weather improves from today so that we can enjoy some of the scenery.

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