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Empire State Building

We left Charleston today after a special tour of the South by P&L. They dropped us at the airport at about 8:45 after a short drive from the city. It's a nice airport surrounded by trees, lawns and lakes.

Due to late aircraft and crew arrivals elsewhere, our flight was delayed by about 40 minutes.

The crew, procedures and aircraft were very good - JetBlue. Not a long flight to JFK and not very high so views were had. The even offered snacks in the form of corn chips, blue potato chips, coco chip biscuits etc.

When we landed ( from the east) we came in over Long Island where mega mansions on large acreages could be seen. The taxi journey was long - it's a big airport. Luckily they had many travellators to help get across to the taxi rank. It was a flat fare so no worries about being taken for joy rides! The driver did not speak. The traffic was heavy, and the journey took about 45 mins, going under the river via tunnel, past Broadway and into Chelsea where the hotel is located. Lots of flower and garden shops here. Also views of the Empire State Building from the roof. J was impressed with the old style wooden rooftop water tanks on most buildings - very old school and photogenic. Not a bad spot to sit and read, use the wifi, or have a coffee.

We had a short orientation walk along 7th Avenue, and had a coffee and cinnamon roll. We were somewhat perplexed by the way ambulances are treated. No-one gets out of the way, vehicles or pedestrians, and they have no right of passage through red lights. It's almost as if no-one really cares who might be waiting for help.

Back to check emails, sus out opening times and locations of points of interest for tomorrow. Plus a siesta!!

I suppose we should get something to eat soon?

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