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The second visit to Robert Thirsk cleared up many questions that I had from yesterday. I learned more through the observation than I have in the other three days combined. I was again impressed by the fact that their is, for intents and purposes, no attendance policy. While some of the other observers did not like this, I did, because as a teacher, I don't want anyone in my class that doesn't want to be there. I love how they make students take responsibility for their own education, which is something that American students that fall through the cracks often lack. I also had the essentials packet explained to me. I viewed it as an alternative to doing the required work, but I found out that it is more of a way to prevent students that are in danger of failing from falling through. While there were things I would change, such as the, at times, too lenient dress code, on the whole I was impressed by Robert Thirsk.

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