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What can I say about day 8? We flew, we flew and flew. Thousands and thousands of miles, covered in hours. You would think that being terrified of heights would mean being scared of flying as well. Truthfully, I enjoy flying. I like how I can get from place to another so quickly, I like looking out the window, thousands and thousands of feet in the air, to see the world passing underneath me, everything just a speck on the ground. I hate the turbulence, the taking off, and the landing, but who really enjoys those parts anyway? No, I hate the waiting. We got to the airport 3 hours early, as required by the airport. But it sucks. Just sitting there, tired, not sure what to do. But sat we did. I had some sushi, which honestly isn't a good idea. I mean, airport sushi? I've had better ideas, but it was all fine in the end. I didn't mind the wait in Houston. There was something about being back in the States that was so comfortable. I think the familiar food stands is what did it for me. But man, that Whattaburger was just too far to go to, so we settled for greasier than usual Panda Express. No complaints here, I was happy. We played a little card game when we got back, to pass the time. Then waited an extra hour to depart (note to any airlines, publicly announcing that engine 1 is having trouble starting and that's why we're waiting does absolutely nothing to set anyone at ease. Please, never say that again). The trip was short, from Houston to Memphis. I didn't leave till around 12 at night, long after our expected time. I said my goodbyes to everyone. It was, truly, an amazing trip. But I was glad to be home. I would have loved to have stayed longer in Canada, but I am satisfied with my one week there. I hope to visit again sometime, but Mississippi will always be home.

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