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I wanted to sleep in. No shame. It had been a long week, and the day before had been even longer. So I wanted to sleep a good part of the day away. Sadly, my wants didn't come to fruition. Instead, I got up for brunch around 11 am, enjoying an excellent meal of french toast and mimosas with several of the girls in the program. The place was nearly empty, so we enjoyed ourselves why we could. While there, I noticed how the servers spoke to us. I would say I had excellent service the entire week, but I never thought about what they said that was different. I only noticed then that their version of "no problem" is "for sure." Looking back, I heard it every time we went out. Everyone said it, almost constantly. After brunch, I went to check out a little store called Boxcar. The store, nestled next to two large pubs, was easily missed to those not looking. But we had spotted it the first day we were there, and had wanted to see it all week. We finally went on Saturday. Boxcar is a coffee shop/pub/game store. The basic idea is you can order food, beer, and coffee while playing any board game you would like, or at least all those in the store. Myself, Isaac, and Johnny spent two hours playing Boss Monsters, a fun little card game where players build dungeons for heroes to try and beat. We had food, we had beer, and we had a good time. I was satisfied with the day at that point, but we had a final get together dinner at the Keg that night. I was a little disappointed at the service. While the restaurant was very nice, it took around 45 minutes for me to get my food, as they had messed up my order before. All was set right, though, with a free forty dollar meal. Can't complain there. After my insanely good fillet mignon, I went to get Thai styled rolled ice cream with some of the girls. Man, I wish we had that back in Starkville. That and the Boxcar place. Should I ever get an itch to run a business, I think I found the two things I would want to do.

We ended up going bowling. Or that was the idea at least. Great dinner, cap it off with bowling. But 70 dollars for a lane? A little much for us. Thankfully, the Canadians do things a little differently than we do. If that hasn't been completely obvious at this point. So their bowling alley was more of a club/bowling alley. As in, people went there to drink and dance, with bowling being done on the side. So, suffice it to say, we had our fill for the final night. Most, but not all, of us were there, so it was a great way to say goodbye to Canada, in my mind. We went back, and for the final time, ended the night with a soak in the hot tub. The next day would be long and spent on airplanes. So I slept, thankful for my time there.

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