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After returning the boat we set off to go to Burn Bridge, a village near Harrrogate where I lived before emigrating to Australia, and visited a couple of old friends of the family. Had a great catch up and cuppa and then went to do some exploring. I took Tony to my old school - which is no longer a school, and a new one has been built down the road a bit. Then on to Knaresborough

to check out the beautiful bridge structure which I have always remembered.

After lunch we went on to try and find the Druid Temple ruins at Masham!!

There are no real directions on how to get to the temple and the information centre at Masham was closed yesterday - so we had to try and find it with some vague directions given to us by our friends, who, by the way, destroyed the excitement of it all by telling me that it was built in the 1960's by an eccentric old man and was not a true Druid's temple.

So I was feeling a bit deflated anyway. We managed to get lost and go way too far, to Leyburn, but eventually we found it. It's not signposted until you are almost upon it and then not very well.

After checking it out we then made our way to Rainton, near Thirsk to our lodgings for the night. What a great little pub it was - lovely room, delicious hot meals for dinner and breakfast and great hosts. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone travelling in Yorkshire.

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