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Peace out, Canada!


TODAY WE GO HOME!! The night before I got all packed up and set my alarm for 8:30. I must have been so excited to go home that I woke up a whole hour earlier than I was set to and got up to shower. Then, I finished up any last minute suitcase stuffing and checking to see I didn't leave anything, and I was ready to go!

We got to the airport and got through security and customs without any issues, and we were on our way to Mississippi!

The first flight from Calgary to Houston International Airport was set to take off at 1:05pm. We all got on the plane and were informed that we may or may not run into scattered showers in Houston. The pilot assured that it wouldn't be that bad and that we would actually get to the gate about 20-25 minutes early. Great! Ummm, not so great because let me tell you...that flight was the most turbulent of them all! Plus, we were all seated in the back of the plane which did not help things at all. I was counting my blessings! Hahaha!

When we landed, we had about a two hour layover, so we all got something to eat and made ourselves comfortable. Our flight from Houston to Memphis was set to board at 8:10pm, so 8:00 comes, we all get our stuff together, and get ready to board. The man still was not at the podium to announce boarding. 8:10 comes, still no podium man. 8:30 comes, the time for boarding to end, STILL no podium man. Finally, at about 8:43, the podium man comes and tells us to board. The flight was supposed to leave at 8:45, and everyone is now sitting on the plane waiting to take off since we are already late. Next thing we know, we all hear this noise that sounded like a dog being run over and are told that maintenance found something and that it would be another 20 mins to fix and 10 to get paperwork together. Now, we are on a broken plane, it's raining outside, and we are late leaving. I am scared out of my mind at this point. At about 10:15, we finally taxi over to the runway and take off, an hour and 30 minutes behind schedule. Anyone who knows me well knows I have to be early to everything, so this is completely not Haley-like at all. We finally land in Memphis an hour later, but it's not over yet. We have to take a bus from Memphis to Starkville so about another two hours.

At this point, I was just so happy to be traveling via ground. Everyone got on the bus, and I quickly fell asleep and woke up what felt like 1.5 hours later...nope, we still had an hour to go. Ughhh!! Can we just be home already? I went back to sleep hoping the next time I woke up we would be closer, and sure enough when I opened my eyes again, we were in West Point! YES! 20 more minutes, and we were at Mississippi State University, God's Country as we call it! At 3:05am, I walked into my apartment, dropped everything I was carrying on the ground, and CRASHED!! I didn't wake up the next day until about 12:45. It was great!

Canada was great fun, seriously, but nothing beats home! In a few days, I will post a reflection on my time in Canada and just overall, but for now, I am going to catch up on my sleep, eh!

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