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The boulangerie from my window

Houses opposite

Well used climbing frame

View across the park

I had always planned for a quiet day after two weeks of travel so when I woke this morning turned off the alarm and slept on until just after 12! Missed breakfast but obviously needed the sleep. Really think having a blanket on the bed rather than a doona made a big difference.

The hotel is very quiet (obviously) as it is in a street running off one of the main boulevards around Paris and gave no indication of how busy that boulevard was once I went out for a walk to the Park Monceau. There I discovered a park crowded with people although there was no special event other than the shining sun. Many families and couples were picnicking, small children rode their bikes and scooters, all ages jogged around the paths, some people were reading and others sleeping. In a special area people were skipping, boxing, riding unicycles and learning to roller skate many with personal trainers it seemed. There was a well used play area for the children, a carousel with horses and other animals which went up and down or rocked and organised pony rides. I would estimate the crowd in the thousands rather than hundreds.

The streets where I walked had a number of interesting shops. A flower shop had a huge array of cut flowers for sale, also many potted plants, including paleonopsis orchids which must be in fashion in Paris, as well as cacti and indoor plants. Saw two shops specialising in gateaux, plenty of wonderful looking tarts for the Sunday meal as well as a large variety of small very rich cakes. Didn't spot your favourite 'la religeuse' Merrin, but I'm sure I'll find it along the way.

Back at the hotel after a little shopping for some fruit at a small store across the road I've been planning my day tomorrow and sorting out the best train lines to use. There is a Metro staion close by complete with its iconic Art Nouveau entrance. The Bouangerie opposite was not open today but I'll certainly look forward to the smell of bread in the morning and to discovering the breakfast menu.

I did notice as I walked back that Sacre Cour can be seen in the distance and in another direction what I think is Opera. I'll look forwards to discovering more tomorrow.

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