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Tam busy preparing her feast

Rice Paper rolls - very healthy! And delicious!

Cooked Chicken carcasses...yuk....but they turned into.....

.....Won-ton soup.....yum

Time to eat

Good tucker

Food, glorious food

Sue and Bob - looking very pleased after a delicious meal

21/5/2017. Melbourne (Seddon)

Tony and Tam invited Sue and Bob to dinner tonight, and Tam is doing the cooking with Tony's help.

Tam and I went to Footscray where we went to a Vietnamese grocer and bought ingredients for tonight's dinner, and I also bought some spices and beef cubes which I will take home. They are for a delicious Vietnamese Beef Stew which Tam's father cooks and I have made a couple of times, and everyone we've shared it with, love it. We then went to the fruit and veg shop and bought herbs and fresh vegs for tonight, a Vietnamese bakery and a restaurant where Tam bought 2 different kinds of cooked pork - BBQ and crispy pork belly. Loaded up, we headed for home.

With the 4 of us around the kitchen bench cutting and chopping, rolling spring rolls and making won-tons, it didn't take too long to have the dishes prepared. Time for Ian and myself to take a step back, and Tam began cooking, with Tony's able assistance. Tony made a beef stew - some for us to take to the van with us, and some for a couple of meals for them during the week. We shared a small shepherds pie from left-over lamb for a late lunch about 2pm.

Sue and Bob arrived at 3pm, and we had coffee and cake for afternoon tea. Tam was still cooking and preparing food, and Sue and I sat at the bench chatting while the boys sat in the lounge room watching football.

Time to serve!!!! And what a feast! We sat at the bench and started with rice paper rolls filled with fresh salad vegs., followed by spring rolls - both served with beautiful dipping sauces. We moved to the dining table and had won-ton soup. Tam had boiled chicken carcasses to make the stock. First in our bowl was noodles, followed by fried spring onions, shallots, a steamed green Chinese vegetable, won-tons and then the stock. Delicious! Then Tam served dishes containing vermicelli with shallots fried in oil, the 2 types of pork, Vietnamese Beef Stew, salad vegs., herbs, bread and sauces. It was a delicious, healthy meal, and we probably all ate too much! I know I did. Between courses, Tony washed and dried dishes, ready for the next course, while Tam dished up. Tam had told us that we'd have to take home a doggy bag if there was food left over. Do you think we were worried? No way! Well, there was food left over, and Sue and Bob were very happy to take home a doggy bag Tam prepared for them, and we'll certainly be very happy to take ours with us tomorrow!

It was a lovely night - family, good food and good company. What more could we ask?

Sandie rang during the afternoon, to say that she'd taken Jimmy up to see Uncle Jim (his father), who is still in Prince Charles Hospital with a broken ankle and toe. Uncle Jim has been told that he's going to Brighton in 2 weeks, and that it would be about $300 per week. Jimmy was at Brighton Rehab about a month ago with a broken hip, and it was free, so we're wondering what this is all about. There is to be a family conference at 11am tomorrow, so I'll ring Uncle Jim about 9am and then again after the conference if he wants me to. Sandie felt she'd like be there, but with teaching, it's just not possible for her to take an hour or two off work. I feel sorry for her that all this has happened while we're away and when she's 'in charge'. She's very willing, goes the extra mile and doesn't complain. Bless her.

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