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South Melbourne Markets. Man on a mission!

Beautiful flowers. Tony bought flowers for Tam and me

Tony, Tam & Ian sitting down for Roast Lamb dinner

Tony, Ian and me ready to enjoy our dinner

20/5/2017. Melbourne (Seddon)

Tam had a hair appointment, so we dropped her off and continued on to the South Melbourne Markets, where Tony and Tam like to do their meat and fruit and veg shopping at the weekend. There are also a few stalls selling shoes, clothes, kitchen goods, tableware, Asian spices, flowers and bakery items, along with the odd coffee shop or two. We enjoy going there to look at the beautiful produce, and the prices and quality of food are very good compared to home. A few years ago, Tam showed Ian the best place to buy Dim Sims, so now whenever we go there, that's a must for him. This market doesn't offer the same variety of stalls and is nowhere near as big as the Queen Vic market in town, but its size makes it much easier to get around.

Tony cooked a lamb roast for dinner - it was delicious. He is an amazing cook. I cooked chocolate fudge pudding and white sauce, which he and Tam like, as do we. Always a favourite!

Tonight we'll watch a movie on tv.

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