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Day 4 offered a different look into high school that we hadn't yet seen. We went to Robert Thirsk High School, the school that Nelson Mandela school was based off of. We learned a lot more about how they do things at there school, including the cohorts they separate students in, like red, blue, and orange. We also found out about their connect groups, which seems like an excellent idea to bring to the States' schools. Basically their connect groups are used for students to visit their other teachers if they need help or work on anything they might need to improve on. Culturally, the school is so different that Mississippi schools. For instance, there's basically no dress code. Teachers had piercings in their faces and colored hair while students were wearing short shorts and some had tears all over their pants. This is so different than our schools. Students would be sent home simply for not having a belt. But in Thirsk High School, they believe that education is far more important than what someone is wearing. I would say that this high school was definitely my favorite out of all those that we have visited so far. The only real language difference I noticed this time was the word "drama," which the principle pronounced "drema." I honestly haven't heard many other differences that have stuck out to me. That night was a lot of fun as well. Myself and the other guys in the program went to a pub that was celebrating its 8th birthday. They gave out a lot of free drinks, which is something that is also different from the states culturally. Most bars would never give out free alcohol, they would rather give deals so they can still get some money. Overall, I would say that today was a lot of fun on all fronts. The school was great to see and the night was fun with all the guys. Can't wait for tomorrow when we actually get to sit in for some classes.

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