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Stinson Park looking south to the ranges that claimed the Stinson aircraft

Mon 15th May

The vet came today and the weaner seems to be doing ok. We thought it was a good idea today to explore the next valley (Christmas Ck) so off we toodled (is that a word?) in 2 cars (6 of us) up the ridge to the top - check for latest messages and emails - then down the other side to Hillview and turn S to head up the valley. At the end of the good road, was Stinson Park where all the rescue efforts were co-ordinated for the rescue and recovery of the passengers in a plane crash. Flying from Archerfield Bne to Sydney, the Stinson ModelA airliner crashed on 19 Feb 1937. 4 died on impact, both pilots and 2 passengers. The remaining 3 passengers survived the crash but ‘Westray’ died following a fall when trying to find a way out of the forest. The remaining 2 were discovered on 1st March by Bernard O’reilly who was searching for the wreckage. A rescue effort was launched and the surviving two were stretchered out through the 10kms (direct line of sight) of thick forest to what is now called Stinson Park.

The morning tea was had with some memories of the difficulties of the past without EPERBs, satellite communication, smart phones, GPS, rescue helicopters, heat seeking equipment, etc etc. How clever was Bernard O’R to see a burnt tree on a far ridge and suspect that it was worth checking out.

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