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The Barracks - sleep location for 2 nights

The view W from The Head (of the Condamine R)

Wed 10th May

On the road again - at least till Allora where we stretched legs and took advantage of a pub special for lunch. Hot lunch was just right for a drizzly day. (Rain???? Gibson must be on holidays!!!). Destination was a couple of kms past Queen Marys Falls near Killarney. This is where our “family” Brad and Julia live, our home for the next 2 nights - well almost. We actually slept at “The Barracks” - part of the Oaklea B&B run by Julia’s mum and dad who live down below The Falls area at The Head [this area is near the head of the Condamine River and is the location of the old saw mill run in time past by Julia’s g/grandparents. There is little to be seen now other than the workers bunk house (barracks) and a nearby house still used by relatives]. We had dinner here and slept the night with Brad and Julia’s family leaving the c/van up at The Falls house. They often have ‘sleep overs’ at the barracks when friends visit. The twisting drive down the mountain (caravans banned from using it) was an interesting experience as visibility was much reduced by the presence of fog /cloud sitting over the mountain.

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