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Geese in the grounds of the statue

The Statue of Liberty 1

The Statue of Liberty 2

The Statue of Liberty3

The Rooftop Bar featuring the NY water tanks

We allowed ourselves a bit of a lazy morning this morning after our busy day yesterday. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are on the agenda today, the weather is reasonable....sunny and a bit breezy.

We set off about 10 and caught the subway to South Ferry. There was a short walk to the ferry terminal, a quick exchange of NY Pass for tickets and then a bit of a wait as we went through airport-like security. It was then onto the ferry. They run every 20 minutes so if you miss one, the next one's not too far away. The ferries are very large...not sure of capacity however they have very little seating. I guess they expect people will be standing to see the sights. I stayed on the second level as there was some protection from the very chilly wind and I could still see quite well. After a 25 minute journey, we arrived on the island. We were unable to get tickets to tour the pedestal and crown so made do with the audio tour. It was very interesting and I learned a lot. I'd never thought about the construction of Lady Liberty and wasn't aware that a public campaign funded the pedestal she stands on. She's an amazing sculpture. The flag on the island was flying at half mast and we were told it's bNational Peace Officers Memorial Day.

We boarded the next ferry to Ellis Island and had some lunch as soon as we arrived. Again, we took the audio tour and also joined a few segments of the tours offered by the National Park rangers. Both islands are under the arm of the National Parks. Again, I learned a lot about the process of arrival for immigrants to the USA. About 1% of people we returned to their own country either because of illness, bad character or the possibility they may be a burden on the country (not support themselves). The island is so close to the New York shore....imagine being so close and being told you have to go back to where you came from. The shipping companies had to give them free passage home. It was heartening to hear of the ethnic immigrant groups who met the ships and helped people from their country who were moving to the US...took them under their wing, helped find them jobs and homes.

We caught the train back into Manhattan and went looking for a rooftop bar an American guy told us about in Cuba. He reckons the view of the city are great from the bar. Pete was pretty sure he remembered the address so after asking directions once, we found it. Along the way, we walked along New Yorks equivalent of Northwood St in Leederville.....lots of pretty flowers and plants for sale. The bar is the 230 on 5th Rooftop Bar and is on the 20 floor of the building on that corner. We had a beer and relaxed for a while. The view wasn't quite what we expected however it was a nice spot to sit and watch the world go by.

We left for home, stopping off at the bottle shop for some wine and the supermarket for a few bits and pieces for dinner. The wine had a cork so we looked around for the corkscrew. It only had one handle however Pete beat it into submission and managed to open the bottle. If only I still had my waiters friend that was confiscated in Cuba.

It was early to bed as we need to be up at 3:30 to make our connections to the bus to Niagara. I'm thinking about booking us a flight home rather than the bus as the return journey is overnight and we get into NY at 6:30am. We'll be wrecked for our last day in the big city.

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