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Holy smokes.  It's been the best couple of weeks!! Right now I'm writing from a bus to Rishikesh.. it's about 9am, and about 6 hr bus ride. I'm sitting beside a cute little girl who's dad took a picture of us together, of course.

So when I last wrote I was on the way to Agra I think. We took the train 3rd class and it was hot as balls. I was booked a window seat on the inside of 3 seats facing 3 seats so I was part of a family for about 7 hours. I feel like I already wrote about it but it has stuck in my mind obviously haha. Anyway. Agra is pretty narsty. We booked into a hostel that was 100 ruppees per night. At this point we were still with the Italians so we all were booked into a dorm together which was nice. We went right to bed and got up at about 530 to go to the taj mahal. It opens at 630 so we got there right when the sun was coming up and there weren't a lot of other people around. It was stunning. I can't believe it's size and detail. Ay and I were talking about it though and it was exactly how we pictured it in our minds. For 1000 rupees they give u admission, a ride to the taj, a bottle of water and shoe covers and a ride back to the office. The Taj was so beautiful but the only thing was me and aylish were both in the midst of full swing delhi belly and both felt like we were gonna shat our pants the whole time. Wouldn't that have been interesting haha. We didn't spend any more time in Agra than we had too. We caught our bus back to delhi in order to catch our over night bus to manali. We went to the bus stand at the metro with plenty of time but started getting worried about it bc there was no one else gathering there. I stayed with the bags and aylish ran around asking ppl where the hank we should b going. Finally, aylish spoke with the angel of delhi named Kavita. She said she wasn't positive but would try to help us out. She took ay down and up and over and finally tracked the bus down which was like 3 blocks from the bus stand?!? There's no way we would've found it if it wasn't for kavita. Anyway the bus was good. They banned the actual sleeper buses with beds in the state that manali is in. I suppose it's too dangerous with the cliffs and outrageously ignored road conditions. The seats were basically like a recliner.. comfy at first but after the first couple of hours is gets old. We woke up to the beautiful rolling Foothills of the himalayas and our bus winding up and up towards manali. It was aylishs bday the day we got there. :)

The hostel was frickin sweet. It was L-shaped with 3 floors with balconies and a fantastic garden/terrace thing in the middle. Picnic tables and grass and two huge cherry trees with cherries that were just starting to ripen. So yummy

Manali had pot growing everywhere!! It's known world wide apparently for its hash. Aylish was gone for a massage so I pulled up a chair to a group of about 10 Indians from all over the country and they were hilarious. I couldn't believe how much they wee smoking though. Anyway.. I liked that moment because it was another one of those we're not all the different from eachother moments. Sitting around in a circle, getting to know eachother, smoking some pot and talking nonsense.  We got some beers and some disgust cheap old monk rum and the rest is history. There's were prob about 20 of us from around the world celebrating aylishs bday. So that was good fun..

I'll add more about manali soon :)

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