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Waiting in la

Last day in Modesto today - the days have flown. Sad to leave V&T as they are the best hosts.

Packed up and breakfasted by 10:30, we headed out about 11. Back through the almonds and walnuts, past the peaches, and soon onto a 5 lane freeway. As the clock ticked closer to our check in time, we still seemed far away. Next it was the San Mateo bridge across the bay ( like a Tasman bridge tacked onto a 6 lane x many km long concrete Bowen bridge) , then a short drive up to the airport. We arrived with 5 min to spare and V&T dropped us off - hugs and farewells and we were on our own.

They have kerbside check-in - unfortunately for us one of our flights was duplicated, so we had to go inside to get things sorted. Very efficiently and via the Expedited lane we got through security - with J having a residue check because he beeped! Must have been the residue from T's BBQ!!

The flight to LA was quick (just over an hour) - part full plane, so we were on our own down the back. Into LA and a smooth landing. We disembarked at a remote terminal and then bussed to T4 where we were to depart.

We had some airport coffee and sandwiches ( about 15 slices of ham ! ) while we waited. A stranger came up to J and told him he had a cool t-shirt ( it was the rock- paper - scissors one). Then we boarded on time for the approx 3 hr trip to StLouis. We have to wind our clocks forward 2 hrs.

Hopefully brother P will be there to meet us just before midnight. Signing out for now.........

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