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On the way to Mokpo


Shin and I

So this series is where I was found in 1974

Obviously it looked a bit more "rustic" back them



So this was the building that housed the Social Welfare office in...

So yesterday I went to Mokpo and saw the train station that I was found in front of in 1974. They say that atleast whoever left me, cared enough to leave me in a place where I was sure to be found, I guess that's a plus of some sorts. I went down with my case worker Shin Hye who has been wonderful with helping me find whatever information there was/is on me. She had been in contact with a woman at the Mokpo municple building and they were more then willing to help me as much as they could.

As we tried to piece my history together I learned quite abit of information about the city but almost nothing new about me. But then I had always doubted that there would be more then the 3 pages of information that I had already. I was here to find out more about my surroundings as a child and the culture then to find my "birth parents". If it's not the people around you then it's your surroundings that shape you isn't it? With that said I found out with the help of the Mokpo cultural society (yeah they got involved also and they gave me a slide show on the 100 year history of the city)that at the estimated time of my birth, the city was going thru some significant changes. Of which the most amazing one is that they were in the final stages of a 10 year project of almost doubleling the size of the city by filling in massive sections of the surrounding sea. Yes, they were dropping dirt into the ocean and rebuilt their city on top of it.

As that was the case there were almost no pictures of the time period and no pictures of the old train station, the best I could find was a picture from 1968 which showed the city from the top of one of it's local moutains. I was able though to find the Social Welfare building that I was in for 20 days after I was found, it was an old grey three story building that has been closed for a number of years and had become a hospital/clinic after the Welfare office closed down. Odlly enough even though everyone knew the Welfare office had been in that spot there were no offical records of it ever existing. The kind folks at the municple building had pulled out stacks of old registers looking for information and trying to track down the person who had found me and turned me into the police. That was the only name on record from that day. Alas they found three matches but one was too young, one was dead and the third had dissapered. By the end of the day and after making quite a few more calls in my behalf they were actually able to track down information about two people who might have been around at the time of my finding. My old case worker and the person who was in charge of the Social Welfare office at the time. But today I found out that my original case worker could not be tracked down and that the person who was in charge of the center had moved to Canada and that no further information could be found on him since he had left the country.

All in all I have to say that I have been quite impressed with the amount help that I have received from total strangers, it's a bit comforting to find that there are still those people wil go out of their way and ask for nothing in return.

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