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In the wall of the fort

Buying tickets - more complicated than it would seem

Hanging out in the garden

Lorraine and Jan

Town scene


Sunday, a day of rest and lots of beautiful church bells going off at strange times! We did accomplish the purchasing of tickets for our adventure to the islands of Hydra and Spetses on Tuesday. There were 7 of us getting tickets and the young man had quite a time getting organized - I thought part of it may be that it was close to closing time for the day, but we definitely seemed to be a challenge! Through out, he was lovely and patient. I can't remember if we've already shared this, but many, many of the folks in Napflio speak very good English. They begin learning it as children in school. They seem to appreciate compliments on their English speaking skills, and are kindly amused at my limited and seriously fractured Greek language skills!

After the ticket buying we sort of split up and went different ways to accomplish different things - Jan and I found a great place for Aperol spritzers and bruschetta!

We eventually regrouped at home, had Greek salad, bread and olives for dinner before venturing back down the stairs for a really fun ouzo presentation. The young couple who own the ouzeria are 5th generation ouzo distillers and one of the oldest families in Napflio. They gave a great presentation on the making of ouzo, their history in Napflio, and tastings of several types! It was interesting, education, and fun - one of the highlights of our adventures!

And then we became 8! Barb arrived about 10 pm and was welcome with hugs and cheers! Another very good day. ~ Lorraine

And now we are 8!! Bridget, Jim, and Lauren arrived Friday. And Barb Mandic came by bus late yesterday. We are so glad they're here and they, like us, love our town and home. The most interesting event yesterday was our tasting/class at the ouzeria.

The young couple presenting the info were delightful. His family has been making ouzo sinice the 1860s. Five generations running the same business.. We learned, tasted, enjoyed, and then purchased LOTS of their product.

Came home and had wine and appetizers waiting for Barb to arrive around 10 after a long bus ride. Today was a restful day for me. Some grocery shopping, a walk around town then reading and now going out to dinner at 7.

Tomorrow we catch the boat to Hydra at 8. Jan

--We've been exploring the waterside paths to beaches, the hills and the fortresses above the city. We always manage to do this at the warmest time of day, before the breeze kicks in. Sunday evening after Ouzo tasting we walked up the road to the small fortress above town and caught a beautiful sunset.

Monday morning we firmed up travel plans and tickets for our boat ride to Hydra and picked up our 5am bus tickets to Athens on Wednesday. Then we really headed up hill, by cab to the big walled fortress. We walked home. 999 stone stairs, so they say. It was all doable going downhill, but it was close. Another dozen stairs or so might've done me in. We all regroup to our lovely shaded patio to read, nap, drink a bit of wine and wait for dinner time to head into town again. Definitely on vacation. I love this dry warm weather. Bridget

I love just hanging out. I enjoy our days of sightseeing but I also enjoy just walking around town. Going to the store to buy groceries or whatever. Peggy

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