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Staten Island ferry

Statue of Liberty

On the ferry

Inside the Guggenheim

The Yellow Cow

Singer at the Romanian festival

Waiting for the show to start

Fisherman on the train home

We don't have to be anywhere today until 7pm as we are going to Chicago, the musical so we had a leisurely morning before setting off at 9:30. We decided to catch the free ferry to Staten Island, because we could. Off to the subway and the trip right to the end of the line, the South Ferry station. The station is right next to the ferry terminal so we lined up with hundreds of others for the ferry trip. It's a beautiful sunny day and it's Mothers Day here too so heaps of families out, lots of flowers being carried around. We had a bit of a chat with a sprinkler who wanted to sell us tickets to the Statue of Liberty tour...."you won't see as much from the free ferry". We weren't bothered as we just wanted to do the ferry ride. It's about a 25 minute trip across so off we went and enjoyed the sightseeing. We had lunch on Staten Island and then caught the ferry back.

Our next stop is the Guggenheim Museum so off we went to find the correct subway station. Oops, it's not open today so we had to make alternative plans...a different subway. On our way to the station, we passed a Romanian festival in one of the parks. It was a great day for eating, drinking and dancing.

Found our way to the correct train and once we alighted, had a short walk to the museum. I've put the data card I bought in Las Vegas in my phone so it's making life easier in finding our way around. We entered the museum, scanned our tickets and picked up our audio guides. They sounded great as they sense the area you are in and show the pictures you are near and display them. You can then select the picture and it will tell you all about it. They forgot to tell us there isn't audio for all the pictures so we both shared some frustration until we got the hang of,it. The museum building is an interesting design and houses some great art works by some great artists and some others that don't overly appeal to me. It takes all sorts.

Once we'd wandered through the gallery, we walked out to 5th Avenue to catch a bus downtown so we were closer to the theatre. The bus went along the side of Central Park and the sun was shiny and people were out enjoying the day. Our 7-day Metro passes have been great as we can use them on the subway, buses and trains. We alighted about 52nd street and finished up back at the Rockefeller Centre. It was packed however we decided to have a beer and something to eat. Found a seat at the bar and ordered a beer and guacamole. It was pretty hot as we were sitting in the sun and to keep the sun off, I put my hat on. We were there for about 30 minutes and all of a sudden, the sun went behind a cloud and the rain was pelting down. We were under cover so it didn't worry us however people sitting in the open ran for cover and next thing, the place was almost deserted. We finished our drinks and walked down towards the theatre. We still had a bit of time to kill so stopped at Starbucks for a coffee. I need a caffeine fix to keep me awake during the show.

Chicago was wonderful. We both really enjoyed it...the music and songs are great and the cast was very good.

Time for home. Our 50th St subway station was roped off so we had to find alternate arrangements to get home. We had to go one stop downtown to 42nd St before swapping over to catch our train home. Sounds like they are doing construction work at 50th St uptown station as we didn't stop there once we found our way to the alternate route. One unusual sight on the train....a couple of older guys with their fishing rods. Not sure where they were going. Home and into bed reasonably early after a very busy day.

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