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In our first full day in the city of Calgary, a few of us decided to get a cheap brunch at McDonalds. I immediately noticed the more British spelling of the word "centre," which, in the US, is spelled "center." In the restaurant itself, one of my friends made conversation with a local. Something that struck me as odd (and somewhat funny) was that this man assumed that we had all been too LA, considering we were from the US. Of course none of us had, but the man continued to talk about how he wanted to go to LA. This isn't to say he wasn't friendly, and continued to discuss various things about the US and Canada with my friend. He eventually started talking politics, and while it was a little awkward at first, my friend was able to navigate it perfectly without offending whatever political sensibilities the man had.

We also visited SPARK, and that has so far been the highlight of the trip for me personally. I loved interacting with all the exhibits and stations in the facility, and also enjoyed observing others (including mostly Calgary locals) interact with the exhibits. This visit wasn't just insight into the educational backbone of Canada; it also provided me with a good chance to see how people in Calgary interact with each other and their children in a recreational and educational environment. A great, productive day, to say the least!

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