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Card from Sandie and family

Hmmm, caught out!!!

Afternoon tea.

14/5/2017. Mother's Day. Deniliquin

Happy Mother's Day to all my lady friends.

Today was a day of rest and relaxation for us - a beautiful, warm, sunny day and very peaceful here at the caravan park, with only the birds making a noise. There are lots of cockatoos and galahs, also some either big budgies or lorikeets. They are not friendly like the birds at Valla Beach, so can't really get close enough to see exactly what they are. There are also magpies, which are quite friendly, and are happy to chatter and sing outside the van.

I did the washing and went for a walk and Ian washed the car - it was disgusting! I made scones for afternoon tea, something that I'd promised Ian for days, but never got around to it. Dinner is on cooking, and we're packed and ready for our move tomorrow after a lovely 4 days in this beautiful Caravan Park, which is a little way out of town.

It's turned cool now that the sun has set - good to be inside the van nice and warm.

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