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Rick and Jan

Rick and Jan

Eating dinner in the garden


Rick, Jan and I had a day at the house and around Nafplio today. Peggy took off to return the car to Athens and meet Jim, Bridget and Lauren and bring them back to the house. Our shopping walk was fun - Rick spotted an ouzeria and we loved the young couple who own it. His family is one of the oldest in Nafplio and they have been distilling ouzo and other spirits since the 1860s. They were so proud of the family history and the many artifacts in their "mini museum" in the shop - we loved talking with them and plan to go back for a class and tasting adventure. Resting afternoon and were ready to welcome the newbies to Nafplio with a...guess what....Greek salad and fresh bread from "our" bakery and baklava from "our" coffee shop! Yeia sou! (toast - sort of to your health) ~ Lorraine

Another fun day in Napflio, I've decided that we don't so much shop as socialize when we go out on the city, Our excursion began with Rick finding the Ouzeria which Lorraine mentioned, The young couple were so interesting and friendly, it ends up she is a good friend of our "coffee lady". After shopping again at the silver shop(nice owner gave us a substantial discount because we've been such good customers) we made our way to Lorraine's "Happy Place". Evie was in and made us some great cappuccinos with kind, and friendly conversation. We then walked to the grocery store and the lady checker informed us, after another friendly conversation, that she had met Rick in her shop that morning. She says in another month there will be so many tourists, the personalized care we are getting will be non-existent Glad we are here now.

Then back up to our house to fix dinner for our new arrivals! Jan

--We made it - only took 23 hours by 2 planes and 2 bus trips. Our almost 2 hr layover in Paris was almost not long enough. Long security lines and longer border check lines. We ran to catch a plane that was already boarding.

Peggy met us at the airport, which was great. From there we navigated our way through purchasing bus tickets to Nafplio. My non-existent Greek is well, non-existent, but everyone was very friendly and helpful.

Appetizers, wine and a very good Greek salad were waiting for us on a beautiful courtyard. The weather was perfect. The Villa is amazing! Very charming, old European feel. The downstairs bathroom is a wet shower? in a class of it's own. Lots of bedrooms, lots of room for all of us.

This morning we walked through the streets before the town woke up, took lots of pictures.

Today we are chilling, relaxing till later this afternoon, when it gets really hot out. I think we will head down the stairs for dinner and browsing (lots and lots of stairs, especially when going uphill and everything is uphill).


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