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So I obviously haven't written in a while!! I had this one saved in my phone from pushkar to Agra from a couple days ago..

Aylish and I went to the top of the mountain by gondola to check out the stiva temple at the top. The gondola ride was 2 dollars and in turn the way up was taken up by a good view and nervous laughs. The view was awesome of Pushkar. The city is the last one before the real start of the Thar desert.  It's known for the world's biggest camel fair. Sometime in October I think. After that we came back down to go for a late supper.. we happened to meet up with three guys, am aussie, a brit and a Dutch guy. Aaron, Stan and Jerry.  They had all been in India for a while now all more than 6 mos. The one guy Stan had rented a motorbike while is rajasthan and got in am accident the other day... his whole left side was full of road burn and look nasty. He said the driver of the car didn't stop. Just carried on. Every person around the table recounted their instance with food poisoning. .. I'm trying to be extra careful but by the sounds of it , it's not a matter of if.. but when .

We called it quits early on and went to our ac room. Everyone from pushkar asks why we've come at this time of year.. as if we're nuts for visiting during 45 degree weather. Everyone pretty much sleeps between noon and 4 in the market.. it's just to hot to keep the lights and everything on. It was nice to walk around the market and it be so quiet.  I say quiet but really I just mean quieter.

At night the marching bands and parades of people continued. I don't know if it was the same wedding or another one.

I had been walking in the market earlier in the day when aylish was sleeping and turned down one path toward a great big marble arch and steps. One man started yelling at me.. madame hello! Yes miss! So I just looked at him and carried on as I normally would. But he came after me and explained only Indian people allowed in whatever that place was as they were prepping for a ceremony for the wedding. The racism is super prominent here. Lineups for tickets there's two lines, foreigners and Indians written on the wall. Soooo many people ask for selfies.  I've asked a couple of them whythey want selfies so bad and every one of them gives the straight up answer of "because you are a foreigner" .  Allllrighty then. Imagine that at home??? So funny. I've never been stared at so much in my life. Most of the time we say no for pictures because it just starts a cascade of people asking for them.and also.. what are they even doing with those pictures after?

Next morning we grabbed lunch upstairs then made our way to the bus station to go back to the next city, ajmer, to catch our train. We came across the Italian brother and sister again and turns out they booked the same train as us to agra. I'm writing from the train now. We had to book second class bc first was sold out. I can't feel my ass anymore haha. My seat was the window seat of two benches facing eachother so it was me and a family of five. It feels like I have been sitting straight up in a wooden chair for 7 hours... and that's bc I have been.  Anyway, we're almost in Agra and are waking up super early to go to the taj mahal for sunrise. After that we'll make our way to Delhi for the day ( I've heard that's all u need) then catch our overnight sleeper A/c bus (thank god) to menali. According to Google it's raining in menali and i be never been more excited for rain lol.

Some things...

The hindi head nod continues to be hilarious and equally confusing.


People throw trash out the window like it's their day job. This family must shot out at least 6 water bottles and more during this trip.

I've seen so many wild peacocks! I didn't know they lived here and they freaking huge.

I told someone to relax today haha.. because we were in the wrong car, we were in the one ahead of ours and consequently in someone's seat and they wouldn't stop saying that the one behind us was our train car.. even as we were getting our bags... RELAXXXX haha.

I haven't brushed my hair once since being here. I think the dust and sand act as dry shampoo and do wonders for the volume of my hair.

Also haven't shaved my legs or armpits. So there.

The train ride through the country side was cool to see. The view of the mountains was still stunning and passing thru farms and villages was interesting. They had small fields but the women picking whatever was growing seemed to be doing a good job and getting every last bit from the crop. It looked like lavender but I rlly have no idea.

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