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Mycenae - info on site walk

Mycenae- another view

The fort from down at Nafplio level

Lorraine, Peggy and Jan at the fort...waaaaaaay up high

Fort entry

View from the fort

Inside the fort

Today was our last day with the car, so we tried to cram as many adventures in as possible. First on the list was Mycenae. So old it was mind boggling. Frederick Schlieman dug there as did numerous Greek archaeologists. Most of the prize artifacts are at the Athens museum (and other foreign sites around the world). But Mycenae has a nice representative sampling. And to be where it all happened was amazing. Peggy, Rick and Lorraine climbed to the top in the midday sun. I was lazy and stayed at the lower elevation.

Next we wandered around Palimides fortress built by the Venetians in the 1700s and conquered by the Turks before completion. More stairs with stunning views of Nafplio.

Finally for fun we found some nice beaches fairly close. A full and fun day....again.

Peggy returns the car to Athens and will meet Bridget, Jim and Lauren. They are joining us for 5 days!! Jan

We stayed fairly close to home today. One more day and I can return the car to Athens. I am kind of looking forward to it. Someone stole a hubcap the other night and started on the lug nut covers. Each day I am just glad we have four wheels. However, I will miss seeing some of the out of the way places. Since we navigate by committee we often take the scenic route. Peggy

Another day, another 10,000+ steps....all on stone....most uphill! Actually, today was pretty easy logistically....not too much of a challenge to our intrepid driver. We visited Mycenae which is only about 30 minutes from Napflio. VERY interesting. A very well-organized site, museum small enough to enjoy and not overwhelm---what a setting, and I couldn't help but try and picture Greeks from the time of Homer wandering these buildings, preparing for the Trojan war....great place to visit. However, I may just about be ancient ruined out....all those rocks and stone staircases are starting to run together. I look at my pictures and say....Mycenae? Monemvasia? Front yard? Just down the block?

The flowers and trees are a wonder to me as well. Some familiar favorites from home, but growing wild and crazy. Amaryllis growing in a flower bed. Aloe with stalks of blossoms growing in the outside in the wild, geraniums everywhere, roses of course, jasmine, poppies, palm trees, cacti with flowers! Lemon and orange trees in every single yard, and in places that aren't even yards! Gardenias thriving in pots outside of shops, flowers growing out of the crevasses of rock walls. And everywhere are olive trees and I think they are so lovely.

I'm a little tired from a full day, but Peggy and I really NEED to walk into town and buy an extra bottle of wine - we don't want to run short tomorrow when we welcome Bridget, Jim and Lauren! Yassas (sort of like ciao is to Italian, an all-purpose informal greeting/goodbye) ~ Lorraine

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