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Reclining Buddha


Our last day in Bangkok, and of the holiday.

We had to have breakfast early in order to check out by 8am, as we had our re-arranged tour to attend.

Our guide met us in the lobby, (a different guide today) and we took a taxi to the Skytrain (an elevated rapid transit system). We took this to Taksin Bridge, where we boarded the Chapraya River express. All the signals between crew are done by whistle and the crew jump off onto the jetty from some distance away.

Our 1st stop was Wat Saket (Golden Mountain). It's a steep climb of 344 steps. The fist part of the climb was interesting as they had statues for chinese new year animals, and waterfalls.

Half way up there were bells to look at, and eventually we got to the top to see the Buddha inside the pagoda.

We needed a rest at the bottom, as it was so hot. The guide kept us supplied with water.

We then took a Tuk-Tuk to the Grand Palace. On the way, we were passed by the Royal Cavalcade on it's way to pay their respects to the dead King. It was the Royal Princess. The palace has been the home to the Kings of Siam/Thailand since 1782. It is an enormous complex.

One of the temples houses the Emerald Buddha. This is pretty small - only 26 inches tall. Costumes are changed for the Summer Season, Rainy season and winter season. They only have 3 seasons in Thailand.

We then went to a cafe to cool off in the air conditioning, before heading off to see the reclining buddha. The temple is called Wat Pho and the Buddha is 46 metres long! The temple complex is hugh, and houses what was regarded as the first Public university of Thailand - A school for Medicine and Massage.

We then went back to the hotel to cool off in the reception bar.

As we had a few hours to kill, we decided to have an afternoon tea in the hotel. It was fantastic, and cost about £5.50 each!

We then got our transport to the airport, which was delayed by heavy traffic, and we only just made our flight!

We finally headed off to Dubai for our next flight.

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