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Flower Market

Flower Garlands

Sunset over temple

Our city tour was not scheduled until lunchtime, so we had breakfast and then went out for a wander. It was very hot, so we did not go that far. Wandered through the park, and saw a Tai Chi class in the park.

We headed back to the hotel to get changed into full length clothes for our visits to the temples etc. that afternoon.

We met our guide in the lobby, only to find out that teh Royal palace was shut that day, so we re-arranged for Wednesday.

Went back up to the room and changed back into shorts etc. and then headed out to the Hard Rock Cafe. We got a taxi to Siam Square, but finding the HRC was a bit harder. We eventually spotted it, and headed inside.

Had a couple of drinks and raided the shop, before heading back to the hotel.

We had a tour booked for the evening, and had to change again.

We headed off to the Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat). The flowers are delived from all over the country, and the the sellers string them into different types of garlands etc. we saw them preparing Marigolds, Jasmine and Lotus flowers. Very delicate work, but they are amazingly fast.

We then walked along the Chaophtaya River to see the sunset over the Wat Arun temple. We were approached by a young couple who were doing a project. They gave me a posy of flowers so that they could photograph me giving them to your mum! Very strange. They seemed happy and left with their photos. Your mum got to keep the posy.

We then went to The Deck, our Thai restaurant for the evening. We had a lovely meal and watched all the river boats going down the river all lit up.

Back to the hotel for an early night, as we have an early start in the morning.

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