Portugal, Spain and Morocco 2017 travel blog

Sunday 7th May 2017, Cascais to Casablanca

Today we left Portugal behind, but not before a drive with one of those drivers that tailgates and passed us on the roads many times. The tour company arranged a transfer to the airport - very quickly. She took off and we soon learned she was in a great hurry. Needless to say we got the the airport in plenty of time - which tended to undo the increase in Chris' blood pressure caused by the drive in. Lots of passport checking and stamping and checking and forms and we are in Morocco. Looked our usual lost selves outside the airport and Chris rang for the hotel to come and get us. Put the phone on speaker phone so everyone around could hear. It told us something in a recorded message neither of us had a clue about. Fortunately on the second time Chris did this a young man nearby came and got us sorted. A great intro to Morocco. Don't talk about the king or religion was our first advice. And then there is dinner..... at 9pm! We with 2 other tourists and the family. Steamed artichokes, chicken turbine and banana something for dessert. Wonderful conversation and introduction, although multi culturally, to Morocan life. French, Spanglish,English, Moroccan and Canadian all seemed to be spoken in the same sentence. The hotel is best described as 'rustic with atmosphere'. Lots of maintenance needed and it smells. Big change from 3 and 4 star but so much more friendly and socially comfortable.

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