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Pippin RIP

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I just love Rodin's work!

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Benedictine Monastery

Well, I received sad news; my cat Pippin died yesterday. He was 15 and had some health issues, but I really thought that he would do okay until I returned. It makes me sad to think that he died alone, thinking that I had abandoned him... I know that this would likely have happened whether I was there or not, but it saddens me, which has somewhat colored my whole day.

Today was my last day in Paris; I fly home tomorrow. For some reason, I thought that I had more time here, so it brought me up short to know that suddenly, my time in Paris is over. Somehow, I am never ready for journeys to end... I met a woman today who is retired and has been in Paris for the past 6 weeks! Sounds lovely to me!

I spent the morning at the Rodin Museum; set in a lovely mansion with a hectare of grounds where Rodin spent much of his time sculpting and setting up his bronzes throughout the garden. His work is so powerful and emotional; I just love it. Like most artists, his private life was a mess and he seemed rather profligate in his affections, shall we say; I suspect that I would perhaps not have liked him in real life; but his work is wonderful.

Then one last walking tour; this time tracing the steps of the Knights Templar in the area; it is amazing to me that this lovely city has remnants of architecture from such an early time that they has simply incorporated into the current city-scape. The Knights Templar were quite powerful and extremely wealthy in the 11th and 12th centuries; which of course made them tempting targets for the French King. An early example of a smear campaign and rewriting history to make yourself look good; some things never go out of style. Speaking of which, the nation has been riveted over the election; voter turnout here is 80-90%; can you believe it???? I wish that we could get that kind of voter participation.


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