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Farewell Anne & Ian

Currabubula Free Camp #175

6/5/2017 Currabubula Free Camp, south of Tamworth

What a wonderful day! We were both awake just before 7am, and while Ian rubbed the sleep from his eyes, I went for a walk around the park - this time with the camera. Just for me, the mist was on the hills again, and when Ian emerged, he announced that there was frost on the windscreen! And on the grass! No wonder - it was 4 degrees when we got up, but the sun had risen and the sky was blue and cloudless, and it wasn't long before the chill in the air had gone. We had breakfast then went to Aldi just down the road, and bought a small craft/sewing table for me. It weighed a ton, but is now packed in the back of the 'truck'. Back home and we finished packing up then had a final coffee with Anne and Ian before we parted ways. It's been a great 12 days together. It is such a glorious morning - we had to take our jackets off, and Ian later changed into shorts, the first time he's worn them in Armidale.

Anne and Ian headed north to Delungra, and we came south to a free camp at Currabubula, south of Tamworth, arriving at 12.35pm. We had lunch, then set up for our overnight stay. We sat outside in the sun having our lunch, and were so hot that we had to move to the shade - so different from the last few days. We read for a while, we both said Anne & Ian should be here playing cards with us, then went inside the van and Ian worked out which way we'll travel tomorrow. Another van has pulled up near us, and we had a chat on the way back from our walk. Dark descended quickly, so time for dinner then a quiet night - no tv - yeah!

Today's drive was very pretty, with autumn toned trees, cattle and sheep in the pastures, up and over the Moonbi ranges - only downside was we couldn't find any caravan parking in Tamworth. Their loss - I was going to suggest Ian have a sausage roll - so far he hasn't had anything from a bakery since we've been on the road. It's been a truly glorious day.

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