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Since leaving Tempe, we have been traveling primarily along US93. The highway is 1,457 miles long and starts in Wickenberg, Arizona which is northwest of Phoenix, and ends at the Canada-US border near Eureka, Montana. Technically, a section of US50 in Nevada was nicknamed the “Loneliest Highway,” but I would say that US93 is not too far behind.

Kingman, Arizona was our first stop off the highway. Kingman is known for its location along Route 66. The city has a pretty good museum covering the role Route 66 played in the migration of people out west particularly during the dust bowl and the great depression eras.

The old downtown has a number of historic structures from the late 1800s to the turn of the century including the old county courthouse which is still in use. A security guard gave us a tour of the original courtroom with its beautiful stained glass ceiling. Despite being the county seat, the city appears to have waited too long to revitalize its downtown to draw in the tourists. There are efforts being made now but it will take time.

Next stop along US93 was Boulder City, Nevada. The stretch of highway getting to Boulder City was nearly 120 miles long and lightly populated. However, once you cross Hoover Dam, US93 becomes a clogged mess as traffic moves to and from the Vegas area. That traffic problem will be solved by next year. Construction of a new freeway named I-11 will bypass Boulder City and connect directly to the Hoover Dam bridge.

This bypass will have major implications and will be a mixed blessing for Boulder City. We know what happened to the towns along Route 66 when I-40 was built bypassing them. We did have the opportunity to speak to the head of the Chamber of Commerce in Boulder City. She was excited about all of the possibilities that the city has. The city will be focusing on outdoor activities. I hope the ideas work out – only time will tell.

After five days at Lake Meade near Boulder City, it was time to leave. We circled around smoggy Las Vegas before reconnecting to US93. It was another stretch of highway with signs like “next gas 120 miles” or “deer crossing next 25 miles” before we arrived at Cathedral Gorge State Park in Panaca, Nevada. We’ve been here before and really liked the park. Panaca has a population of about 900. Panaca, and along with Boulder City, are two cities in Nevada that are “dry” (e.g., no liquor sold) and the cities do not allow gambling. After three days, we cut our stay short. No, not because it was “dry” but rather the weather was turning bad and we did not want to be stranded in Cathedral Gorge.

The weather guessers were forecasting high winds and rain for the next couple of days. Our next stop was Ely, NV but we had to go over Conners pass at 7,700 feet. Time to get out while the traveling was good!

We did an overnight in a casino in Ely. The complimentary pool and spa hit the spot! We did another one night into Jackpot, NV. This is our last stop along US93 before heading into Idaho.

We don’t need any stinking map! Just follow US93!

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